Pregnancy & Postpartum


You are PREGNANT!! Congratulations!! What a joy and a blessing to be creating life at this very moment! This is a period where your body is undergoing many transitions in a short period of time. Your pelvis is widening to accommodate the development of your love bundle, and your body feels like it’s no longer your own. The Pelvic Place Physical Therapy is here for you. Gone are the days when back pain, sciatica, shooting pelvic pain, waddling, and difficulty sleeping are staple memories associated with this time of your life. Pregnancy does not have to be associated with pain and sacrifice. Within one session, we can show you how to get in and out of your bed pain-free. We can alleviate your back pain, groin pain, or pubic symphysis pain (also known as “lightning crotch”) and ensure that you are able to function with ease.

Your treatment sessions will include an assessment and correction of your S-I Joint, along with education on how to correct it independently. We will release tension, strain, and pressure from the lower abdomen, round ligaments, ribs, pubic area, and thighs while you are reclined in a private room suitable for you and your support system. Back pain, butt pain, hip pain, or shooting pain that radiates down the back of your leg(s)? No worries, we have a comfortable and safe belly-bed for you to stretch out on while we work through those muscles. Concerned about tearing? No worries, not only will your treatment include perineal mobilization in the final weeks of your pregnancy, but we will also teach you and your support system how to perform it accurately with one-on-one education and supervision to optimize the ease of your birthing process.

No need to stress. We can educate you and offer resources for everything from doula services, midwives, OB/GYNs, lactation consultants, and more while you focus on breathing and enjoying your weekly maternity massage.

The baby has arrived! You did it! Now what?

Nobody told you about the decrease in bladder and/or bowel control, the vaginal pain, or what to expect going back to sex. You see a vertical bulge on your abdomen every now and then. You feel pressure in your vagina that disappears when you look… and if you look. Your friends are complimenting you on how perfect your baby is but you can’t help but to think about the discomfort on your abdomen from your C-Section or how weak your core feels. You have been able to return to sex but it doesn’t feel like what you remember. You don’t know if you should be doing Kegels or a reverse Kegel.sOn top of all that, your back and pelvis have decided not to cooperate. 

You are NOT alone. Your post-partum evaluation will include assessment of your abdominal muscles to ensure they are strong and stable. It will include assessment of your pelvis, back, and hips to ensure you are healing properly. If you had a C-section, we will teach you scar tissue massages to increase tissue integrity and restore normal sensation. If you have a diastasis recti (abdominal separation), surgery is not your only option; we have pulled separations as far as 8 fingers apart, back together in weeks. If your pelvic floor muscles feel foreign, we can assess it thoroughly while showing you each part with a mirror and/or a pelvic model so you know what exercises to perform and how it will benefit you.

The Pelvic Place Physical Therapy utilizes the most advanced, yet non-invasive treatment options to expedite healing and promote optimal function. The treatments are pain-free and  include internal and external pelvic floor treatments to strengthen and/or relax the target muscles, EMG Biofeedback, Laser therapy, Ultrasound Therapy, Vaginal Dilators, Dry needling/Acupuncture, Electrical stimulation, life-size pelvic display models for education and visual assistance. We have implemented the latest research-based exercises and created handouts to ensure that you understand what to do and how. We want to empower you on this journey of rebuilding your body and restoring function.