Pain during sex is not ever normal or something you should experience. If you are experiencing painful sex, therapy from The Pelvic Place Physical Therapy of Houston, TX, can help you reclaim your enjoyment of sex. At The Pelvic Place Physical Therapy, we focus entirely on pelvic problems to help you heal.

We take a comprehensive and compassionate approach with physical therapy that helps you strengthen and connect with your pelvic floor and meet your goals for the treatment. You don’t have to just live through pain during sex — treatment exists to help you work towards pelvic floor rehabilitation and sex that doesn’t come with pain.

A Calling from the Start

Dr. Esther N. Amagoh founded The Pelvic Place Physical Therapy after a lifetime specializing in pelvic and women’s health from the beginning of her medical education and career. With nearly a decade of professional experience treating these and related disorders, Dr. Amagoh is ready to help you meet your goals for this treatment.

Your Road To Sex Without Pain

Painful intercourse can come from a variety of causes. Some of these are clinical, such as infections or endometriosis. Others — including vaginismus and anxiety associated with sexual activity — are best worked through with compassionate and holistic physical therapy.

You deserve to experience intercourse that is pleasant and pleasurable and that helps you bond with your partner. Sex shouldn’t feel like a chore or elicit anxiety.

When you come to The Pelvic Place Physical Therapy, we will use the latest in tried and trusted diagnostic tools to gather the data we need to help you craft a total treatment plan. We favor pain free methods to create positive associations, in addition to educational experiences that empower you on your journey to sex without pain.

To book your appointment at The Pelvic Place Physical Therapy, reach out online or call or text us at (713) 344-0838.