Bladder & Bowel Impairments
that can be treated with Pelvic PT


Some people experience bladder and bowel discomfort so bad that they must go to the emergency room or depend on medications and/or surgery to help their body function. Maybe everything is working as it should, but you sometimes feel like your bladder and/or your rectum is falling out of your body (signs of possible prolapse). Maybe you are experiencing leakage when you cough, laugh, or sneeze. Maybe it’s not leakage; are you having constipation or bloating? Although some of these symptoms are common, common does not equate to normal. We can help you with all of that and more! Your bladder and bowels can and will function as they are intended to function with pelvic physical therapy. During your initial evaluation, we will develop a personalized plan of care tailored to you to ensure that you are able to meet your pelvic physical therapy goals. It is possible to have the tools and not know how to use them. You may be diligently doing the wrong exercises. At The Pelvic Place Physical Therapy, we have been treating prolapse, leakage, constipation, IBS, pelvic floor weakness, pelvic floor tightness, and associated factors for many years.

While surgery and medications are options, pelvic physical therapy is the only option with no side effects and the only option that assesses your individual concerns while integrating your daily activities, pelvic floor muscle function, and psychological responses. The Pelvic Place Physical Therapy utilizes the most advanced yet non-invasive treatment options to expedite healing and promote optimal function. The treatments are pain-free and include internal and external pelvic floor treatments to strengthen or relax the target muscles, electrical stimulation, EMG biofeedback, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, vaginal dilators, dry needling/acupuncture, and life size pelvic display models for education and visual assistance. We implement the latest evidence-based educational exercises and create handouts to ensure you understand what to perform and how to perform them successfully.

We want to empower you on this journey of controlling your body and not letting your body control you.