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Therapy is provided one on one using an educational, gentle, nurturing approach that facilitates patient engagement, compliance, trust and understanding. Each and every treatment session leaves patients more aware, empowered, and in control.


Dr. Esther N. Amagoh earned her Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy and is a Womens Health Specialist. She specializes in treatment of female and male pelvic floor muscle disorders. She is a member of multiple organizations that focus on pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation and sexual medicine.


Each treatment is customized specifically for you. From E-calendar reminders to booking online, we try our best to make each session efficient and effective for the modern person. Concierge services provided, so if you can't come to the office, we can come to you.
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Male pelvic/sexual pain! Pelvic PT Can help!!

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Male pelvic/sexual pain! Pelvic PT Can help!!      

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Core exercises vs. Pelvic Floor Exercises. Do you know the difference?

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Introducing Esther Amagoh, PT, DPT

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